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I take pride in the work that I do and in the long-term relationships that I’ve built with my clients and colleagues.

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"I was lucky enough to work with Sky during a six week trial at Winchester Crown Court at the end of 2013 (R –v- Jacinskas and others) and would say that she was probably the most professional and accomplished interpreter I have ever met. Her ability to simultaneously translate was something only rarely encountered in court but it meant I could focus on getting the job done, whether interviewing my client in the cells, or cross-examining witnesses, knowing that what I or anyone else was saying was being translated without fuss and without having to pause and lose momentum. The accuracy of her translation was verified and spoken about by a number of the English speaking Lithuanian defendants. Her spoken English is superlative and very easy on the ear meaning that no-one in court (defendants, barristers, the judge, witnesses or the jury) ever strained or struggled to understand what she was saying. I highly recommend her as the best in her field."




Gray’s Inn, London, WC1R 5AA

  1. "I first met Sky at a conference with a lithuanian defendant who was on remand in custody at Her Majesty’s Prison Lincoln. He, along with six fellow lithuanians , was awaiting trial for murder of a russian national in Boston, Lincolnshire in September 2017. I was immediately impressed with Sky’s professionalism, demeanour and helpfulness. She was a great help to me, and the rest of the defence team, in explaining the legal complexities of the case to the defendant and taking his instructions.She also made clear to him the way in which I was advising we should run the case on his behalf. She was undoubtedly instrumental in helping to establish a rapport for me with the defendant whom I had not previously met. She made my job much easier than might otherwise have been the case. Having been very impressed by Sky at our first meeting I was delighted that she was appointed to be the interpreter for the duration of the trial itself. I was not to be disappointed by her diligence, helpfulness, punctuality and good heartedness throughout the trial itself.

  2. The trial started at the beginning of June 2018 and has now been running for eight and a half weeks. It relates to a particularly unpleasant killing and all seven defendants have an individual and different case to present which makes communication with an individual defendant of vital importance. Sky has been utterly indispensable to me, my junior and my solicitors in keeping us informed as to our defendant’s mood, anxieties and needs.

  3. In addition, Sky has had to travel for at least two hours to court from her home and two hours back at the end of the court day - making a total of four hours travel per day. She has never been late but has always been ready and available before, at the lunch adjournments and at the end of the court day when we have needed (as in any major ongoing trial) to see our defendant and needed her assistance in communicating with him.

  4. She has also proved herself to be totally reliable in guarding the confidentiality of our discussions having been privy to the legal professional privilege which attaches to our discussions with our defendant. I would trust her implicitly.

  5. Further, she has, without fail, been uncomplaining, even tempered, immaculately and appropriately turned out for such a serious case and a total credit to herself and her occupation. I have absolutely no hesitation in commending her for her professionalism, integrity and personal qualities to anyone fortunate enough to employ her."


A significant portion of my client base is Lithuanian and this has led to me working with Skaiste on many occasions.

As far as her professional character is concerned I can say that without reservation she is the most competent of all translators I have worked with, and I have worked with very many. She is extremely professional and highly intelligent.

I can think of many examples of her understanding complex points of law explained by me to defendants when it has been obvious that she has speedily and accurately understood the principles at play. Her ability to translate and explain those principles to foreign defendant’s from a sometimes very different culture is ample testament to the fact she has mastered her brief.

Finally, and again without hesitation, it is clear that her superb intellect is matched and underlined by the hard work ethic she has always displayed.

Jason Cross

Skaiste Ciantar has worked with us since June 2010, offering interpretation and translation services English – Lithuanian – English. She has been professional and on-time and we were very happy with her services.

Andreea Bostan, MSc, S.A.C Cert, RPSI, M.C.I.L

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